& Design

At NU, our mission transcends boundaries. Our journey begins with your story, your dreams, and your aspirations.

Our approach is not about imposing a predefined style onto your projects. Instead, we embark on a collaborative journey with our clients, delving deep into their identities, passions, and lifestyles. Each project is a canvas on which we paint a narrative that is uniquely yours.

Guided by our co-founder’s multicultural upbringing from the shores of Mauritius to the vast landscapes of Australia, we’ve assembled some of the industry’s finest Australian, European and Vietnamese design architects. We are committed to crafting architecture that stands the test of time. Drawing from our rich background in various architectural typologies and property development across three regions Australia, Vietnam, and Africa, our team is dedicated to delivering an effortless and gratifying experience for our clients.

Our success is measured not by what we design & build but by the transformations we facilitate, the dreams we bring to life, and the challenges we overcome together with you.

Welcome to NU, where your vision becomes our masterpiece.