Poulo Condor
“ Colonial island escape ”

Côn Đảo, Việt Nam
Typology: Boutique Resort & Spa

Located off the coast of southern Vietnam, Poulo Condor, also known as the Con Dao islands, are home to turtle nesting beaches, endangered dugong, coral reefs, and forested hills. They have played a role in the Southeast Asian aspirations of the Portuguese, British, French, Japanese, and Americans since the late 1600s.

Poulo Condor Boutique Resort & Spa is the perfect island escape for those seeking rustic charm and five-star amenities. Being part of the Con Dao National Park, our site has a 750 metre stretch of pristine beach and is right at the foot of Chua Mountain which provides an amazing backdrop to the resort.

Inspired by a harmonious blend of Vietnamese traditional design and French colonial heritage dating from the early 20th century, the architecture of the resort embodies the richness of the history of the island and the vibrancy of the Vietnamese culture. We made use of key ingredients of Indochina colonial architecture present in different parts of Vietnam to drive our design. Guests were welcomed by an entrance portico and experienced a large open terrace framed by an arched colonnade. The pitched terracotta roof tiles lined with rattan and bamboo ceiling panels compliment the traditional turquoise window shutters which open to serene vistas. The balconies of the buildings are bordered with colonial balusters and some intricate colonial ornament details.

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